Top secret documents dot com is a side project in an effort to help people to find the real truth in the world.

In no way shape or form are we asking visitors of this website to send us documents that are still classified!

The purpose of this website is to aggregate a collection of documents that were at one point classified and have since been de-classified, to bring them all in one place and make them easier to find and read.

Most people don’t have time to do so much looking around for this stuff, so to make things easier on everyone this website was created. Don’t think you should stop there though, after looking through the info on this website go and seek out and validate what you learned all your life and what you learned from the info on this website. It will only make you smarter.

If you have any questions or comments please send us an email at topsecretdocuments.com@gmail.com

We are always looking for writers and translators of articles, books and videos into your native language so to help spread the word all throughout the world.

At the moment there is a distributed collection of people who are working hard to bring the truth to light and most of them don’t even know each other, but they know how to do research and they don’t find it a waste of time in the least. Seek the truth and it will set you free!

You may think you know, but I guarantee you that if you don’t seek the truth, then you don’t know anything but lies, and therefore I don’t care what you think, because all you know is lies. You think what they want you to think, you dress how they want you to dress and nothing more. You think it’s you but I guarantee you that if you do some research, you will repent of all the sins you’ve committed in your life of lust for money, power and fame etc. Do you worship your self image? Have you been tricked into making yourself your own god? Well I have news for you, the Holy Father and Creator of this world and all things is a jealous God and he wont have it!

Most churches these days have been infiltrated by the Jesuits and therefore they have become laodicean churches, we are in the laodecian church age.

They want your soul! Are you smarter than that or have you been dumbed down beyond hope and understanding?

Why are all these ignorant people telling me to “Get some sleep”? Are they really that ignorant?

My job is to tell people about it and make them aware, and it’s up to them to do what they want with it. Do what you want or do what God wants, you decide. I just don’t want you to regret it when you have to spend the rest of eternity in the lake of fire! I don’t want your praises, I just want to genuinely help people to learn the truth and be set free from all the mind control.

Pretty soon these clowns that act like they run things will not allow anyone to speak a word about anything.

We, in the truth community, DO NOT CONSENT!

Here is a great example of a channel on YouTube that has lots of videos that are translated into other languages from english.

Here is an example of what we’re looking for, only for top secret documents and videos that are only available in english:

English: The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion - Audio Book

French: Les Protocoles des Sages de Sion, clé de la subversion mondialiste messianique

Russian: Протоколы сионских мудрецов (Аудиокнига)


Chinese: 郇山隐修会与《锡安长老会纪要》与《圣血与圣杯》共济会

Please do contact us should you find any kind of interesting information in the form of videos, photos, documents or audio.

Check out these youtube videos if you are seeking truth and like to read TOP SECRET documents!

In the bible it says in the end times the truth will come out, its only a matter if you are interested in the truth and seek it if and how it will affect your life! They say the earth has been a globe for 500 years, but thats a lie, if you do some research you’ll see it was only 100 years ago that they would lynch a person for teaching children in school the globe earth theory. Flat earth in fact is the truth. The satanists that run the government work on opposites! If you think that “flat earth theory” is stupid, then you are too trusting of the very system that is trying to kill you and steal your soul! Your soul is worth more than all the treasure in the world! Seek the truth and it shall set you free from the satanic mind control. As a result of doing the research you will become truly smarter, do what you want or do what God wants, you decide!

Elon is a fraud!

Einstein was a fraud!

Newton was a fraud!

Newton created what he called the law of gravity! Governments that control us and our minds create laws, Newton created the law of gravity to hide God from us!

9/11 was an inside job!

Youtube search “Russianvids” and check out his videos, the guy did his research, hear him out if you are the type of person that wants others to hear you out too when you speak!



Here’s a playlist you can watch to learn more about other people like Newton


Here’s one about NASA and Freemasonry

Scientism Exposed! Do you believe real science or the fake science the elites push on us to dumb us down?

Youtube search “New Age Bible Versions” to see how sneaky they are by adding fake bibles to confuse everyone!

Youtube search “John Todd” here’s a playlist you can watch when you have some free time.

Youtube search “Celebrate Truth”


Youtube search “A Call For An Uprising”


Youtube search “RichieFromBoston”


They Live is a documentary!


Youtube search “Richard Bruce”