Call for "TOP SECRET DOCUMENTS" or articles written by you accompanied by videos & pictures.

We need writers to write articles, do research on a variety of different topics and create content that will help people to learn the truth about the world that we live in and who rules it. We are looking for people to read documents, books and watch videos, and to write articles about what you read or saw.

  • Published on 29 Aug 2018

De-Classified Documents

    We need researchers, writers and translators to write articles for us. We would appreciate if you wanted to write or translate articles or videos. If you would like credit for writing the article or translating them you can do so under any name of your choosing!

    If you have any top secret documents or images or videos that you would like to show up on this website. Please email them to us and we will check them out and make them available on the website.

    Please follow the steps on “Send Documents” page to send info to us

    If you work for any government agencies or satanic agenda driven companies we recommend that you find another job! Do it for yourself and for your family and for your neighbors!

    Please read How world governments are working with Israel and the Vatican to kill you and steal your soul to know more!