Send Documents

Steps on how to send us informative documents, articles, videos or pictures to make them available on the website

In no way shape or form are we asking visitors of this website to send us documents that are still classified!

All documents that were classified at one point and subsequently have been declassified are welcome! Please send them to us!

If you have information on any documents or videos or would like to write articles for us that exposes the lies of the evil and vile government agencies, please send them to us and please follow these steps to send them to us so we will make them available on the site faster.

If you would like we can give you credit for writing the articles under any name of your choosing!

If sending an attachment please do keep the original filename of the document that was downloaded from their website, if possible. No biggie if you renamed it.

Please send links to any videos, articles or images. Please attach them to the email message if possible.

Note: It is not necessary to follow any of these step to submit information, it just makes it easier for us to make them available for all visitors to read and to backup in case they are removed from the government agency website.

  • Please prefix the title of the email with the nature of the email, such as: “DOCUMENT: NASA plans” or “DOCUMENTS: FEMA camps” “ARTICLE: NSA/CIA created crypto currencies” or “ARTICLES: links you should check” or “IMAGE: proof earth is flat” or “IMAGES: mind control”
  • Please paste/type in a link to the documents into the message, if available. If possible that the documents will no longer be available on their website, please attach the document to the message.
  • Please give any relevant information as to why the document is important for visitors to read or browse through.

Email documents and articles to our email address: and we will make them show up on the site!

We are working on automating some admin tasks, in case we end up in jail for making this site, so things will function even if we get locked up for speaking the truth!

This site will also be available from multiple different hosting providers in case our main host AWS decides to remove the site code and data it will still work from another hosting provider.

Thank you!